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Baby Photography is Getting Me Emotional

February 10, 2011

As I sit at my desk going through baby photos for my web site, Collective Soul’s “Run” starts playing on Pandora Radio. My eyes start bulging with tears, you know, like in the cartoons when they just well up in your eyes and then finally the tear juice explodes out in all directions. Like that.  Idono, maybe it’s just finally hit me that in 5 months my husband and I will have a little bugger of our own.

I’ve always loved photographing the intimate moments between a mother and her newborn. But I’m just now really starting to feel it in my heart. And I’m sure becoming a mother will only make my baby photographs stronger. I can’t wait to photograph my own infant as my husband gently holds him or her in his strong arms, while our dog Billy Bob sniffs its baby-fresh head and gives it a little lick. Even a baby crying makes a beautiful photo, its raw and innocent cry only wanting to be loved.

I promise my next few posts won’t be this mushy. On a lighter note, the new Babies, Kids and Families web site is done! View it Here:

Portrait of a Baby CryingMother Holding ChildMother Kissing BabyFather Holding Newborn BabyNewborn Baby Looking Around


Victorian Family Portrait

December 10, 2010

Walking up seven flights of stairs is enough to make anybody out of breath and a bit dizzy.The Hyatt family was up for the challenge, and so we walked! Personally, I am a bit out of shape and could barely breath after the trip. But it was worth it for these portraits. The kids were energetic and seemed to love exploring the old gutted floors with their peeling paint. And of course the dead pigeon we found was a bit alarming. Hey, to only see one dead pigeon in an old building is practically a miracle around here! Trust me, I know. I’ve explored a few of them in my days.

Kim had a Victorian frame in mind for the final wall portrait, and we decided the Hirborer Building would fit perfectly with its spiral staircase and wrought-iron railing.

Personally I love the photos in black and white, but the warmth of the color against the black clothing is nice also.


The Hyatt FamilyThe Hyatt Family

Sporty Sisters in Snow

December 7, 2010

When I told these three sisters to smash fake snow in each others faces they didn’t hesitate. But then again, what siblings would argue with someone telling them they COULD be mean to each other and COULD throw things inside and make a mess? None that I know of. And I know when I was a teenager I would have paid money to blast snow in specifically my brothers face. Of course he would have gotten me back 10 times as bad, but it would have been well worth it.

Sidney, Sarah and Sadie really did get a long great though. They seemed to enjoy each other, laughing together whenever I would tell them to do something corny like “just look at each other and talk.” But what they most seemed to enjoy doing was jumping on each others backs for piggy back rides.

Technical Note: The lighting was amazing. We shot outside from 3:30-4:30. The sun was low in the sky creating a warm glow. When the sun was to their backs it created a rich golden highlight on their hair and washed out the sky. When the light was literally in their faces it accentuated the cool blue sky and lit up their eyes. The last hour before sunset really is the best time of day to take photographs, whether it’s of people, a landscape, or in this case both together.

Glimmering Reception

December 2, 2010

The smile on Greg’s face was contagious in the entire room as he gazed upon Annie walking down the aisle arm-in-arm with her Dad. Hundreds of candles in mason jars made the entire hall glow, flickering shadows dancing off the walls. The crimson bridesmaids dresses and fall-pallet bouquets made a powerful impact against the brown barn wood.

Annie and Greg met in Colorado, where they are both currently going to Med School.

I had the pleasure of photographing Greg during a family portrait session last summer. It was great to see so many familiar faces for such a happy occasion. After the ceremony Greg’s Mom Sue, Step dad John and sisters embraced in a tearful bear hug that almost sent tears gushing down my own face. It’s these kinds of moments that make me love my job.

Be sure to view the slide show at the bottom.

Greg and Annie SmithAnni with Bouquet

Airplane Ring Toss

November 30, 2010

The way Quentin proposed is truly unique. His father Todd is a pilot and tossed out the ring box (empty just in case!) with a parachute near Whitehall, where the couple went on a search for the treasure. That’s where Quentin got down on one knee and proposed.

I’ve never photographed a couple that laughed and joked around as much as Quentin and Emily. When I instructed “pop your foot” Quentin assumed I meant him, and the couple broke out into an uncontrollable laughter that got the rest of us snickering. Oh, did I mention there was five of us on the shoot? Sadie and Quentin’s friend (Randy?) tagged a long and were helpful in many ways, including helping with my gear.

Quentin is a true gentleman. On the country road he picked up Emily, fashionable heels and all, in the middle of the road and carried her over the snow bank into a small patch of ground with little snow.

The couple met through Quentin’s mother Judi. Emily had done Judi’s hair for about two years when she helped play matchmaker between the two. After that Quentin and Emily had contact mostly through Facebook and the computer while Quentin was deployed on the USNS Safegaurd training for diving. They finally met six months later.

The Kiss (

The Kiss (remake of V-J Day in Times Square, a photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt)

Emily and Quentin

Keyboard and Ring

Quentin and Emily had most of their initial contact through Facebook and the computer.

Snowy Scene

Quentin and Emily were great sports in the chilling weather.

Snow and FenceRomance

Snow Fight Photos – See me at the Stroll!

November 26, 2010

Action shots of people plastering snow in each others faces can make for some of the best expressions, smiles or screams! But since it’s a bit chilly outside for snow fight photos, I’ll be bringing it inside with some fake Insta-Snow during the Christmas Stroll.

Video of making Insta-Snow Here

It’s non-toxic and best of all, not wet and cold! All proceeds will benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Butte. The cost is a suggested donation.

Snow Fight Photo Poster

Come join in the fun!

If Billy Bob could Take Pictures…

November 24, 2010

My dog Billy Bob often puts his nose in my face as Robert and I snuggle on the couch. Sometimes I catch him just staring at me at my office with his ears perched up while I’m cleaning or clacking away on the keyboard. I wish he had a camera. I feel so lucky to be able to photograph the lives of others, and I even have many photos of my husband with Billy Bob. But I feel sad knowing my life will be photographed without me in the pictures. I’ll photograph the tender moments between my husband and our future children. I’ll photograph my husband sleeping with the remote in his hand. But after I’m long gone, my future children will have many memories in photos — minus me.

So the only remedy I see for this is teaching Billy Bob how to hold a camera and take photos. What do you think, Billy Bob?

Billy Bob and D700

Billy Bob Dreaming of his Future Photography Career.

Billy Bob with a Camera

Billy Bob in Photography Training with my D700.